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Selenium: a component of glutathione, and powerful antioxidant, protects the body from free radical damage and heavy metal toxicity. An anti-cancer and immune stimulant agent. Works with vitamin E to prevent fat and cholesterol accumulation in the bloodstream. Protects against heart weakness and degenerative diseases. Enhances elasticity of skin and body tissue. Deficiency results in aging skin, liver damage, increase oxidation, hypothyroidism, and in severe cases digestive/eliminative trace cancers. Most effective supplement source is selenomethionine. Should be used only from organic sources. Food sources: brewer's yeast, sesame seeds, garlic, tuna, kelp, wheat germ, oysters, fish, organ meats.

Selenium Products

  NATURE'S WAY- Selenium 200 mg Caps 100
Price: $4.87
Quantity in Basket: none

  SCHIFF- Selene-E w/Lecthn Softgels 120
Price: $11.68
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Super E + Selenium Caps 100TWINLAB- Super E + Selenium Caps 100
Price: $18.90
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Super E + Selenium Caps 50TWINLAB- Super E + Selenium Caps 50
Price: $11.02
Quantity in Basket: none

  SCHIFF- Selenium 200 mcg Tabs 60
Price: $5.24
Quantity in Basket: none