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L-Ornithine (non-essential): works with arginine and carnitine to metabolize excess body fat; with the pituitary gland to promote growth hormone, muscle development, tissue repair, and endurance. An excellent aid to fat metabolism through the liver. Builds immune strength, and helps scavenge free radicals. Detoxifies ammonia and aids healing.

L-Ornithine Products

TWINLAB- Arginine/Ornithine Caps 100TWINLAB- Arginine/Ornithine Caps 100
Price: $14.66
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Arginine/Ornithine Caps 50TWINLAB- Arginine/Ornithine Caps 50
Price: $8.42
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- L-Ornithine Caps 100TWINLAB- L-Ornithine Caps 100
Price: $14.97
Quantity in Basket: none