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VITAMIN C - Ascorbic Acid - a primary factor in immune strength and maintenance. Protects against viral and bacterial infections, and allergies. A strong antioxidant to prevent free radical damage. Safeguards against radiation, heavy metal toxicity, environmental pollutants and early aging. Accelerates healing after surgery, increases infection resistance, and is essential to formation of new collagen tissue. Controls alcohol craving, prevents constipation, and lowers cholesterol. Aspirin, oral contraceptives, smoking and tetracycline inhibit vitamin C absorption and deplete C levels. Supplementation should be considered if these things are part of your lifestyle. Deficiency results in easy bruising and bleeding, receding gums, slow healing, fatigue and rough skin. Note: The metabolite form of vitamin C, Ester Cä is biochemically the same as the naturally metabolized C substance in the body. It is both fat and water soluble, and non-acid. Uptake of C is absorbed twice as fast into the bloodstream, and excreted twice as slowly as ordinary vitamin C. This means that vitamin C in the tissues can be up to four times higher than normally possible. Food sources: citrus fruits, green peppers, papaya, tomatoes, kiwi, potatoes, greens, cauliflower, broccoli.

C Vitamins

  American Health- Acerola Plus 100 mg 250 Chewable Tablets
Price: $11.05
Quantity in Basket: none

  American Health- Acerola Plus 90 Chewable Tablets
Price: $6.29
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Allergy C 1500 mg 100 CapsTWINLAB- Allergy C 1500 mg 100 Caps
Price: $9.72
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Allergy C 1500 mg Caps 200TWINLAB- Allergy C 1500 mg Caps 200
Price: $15.57
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Ascorbate C-500 Caps 100TWINLAB- Ascorbate C-500 Caps 100
Price: $12.25
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- C, E & Carotene Caps 100TWINLAB- C, E & Carotene Caps 100
Price: $17.52
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- C, E & Carotene Caps 200TWINLAB- C, E & Carotene Caps 200
Price: $29.97
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- C, E & Carotene Caps 50TWINLAB- C, E & Carotene Caps 50
Price: $10.46
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- C-1000 Caps 100TWINLAB- C-1000 Caps 100
Price: $9.50
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- C-1000 Caps 250TWINLAB- C-1000 Caps 250
Price: $17.97
Quantity in Basket: none