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Calcium: most abundant mineral in the body. Needs vitamin D for good absorption. Necessary for synthesis of B12. Works with phosphorus to build sound teeth and bones, with magnesium for cardiovascular health and skeletal strength. Helps blood clotting, lowers blood pressure, prevents muscle cramping, maintains nervous system health, controls anxiety and depression, and insures high quality rest and sleep. May help prevent colon cancer and osteoporosis. Aluminum-based antacids interfere with calcium absorption. Antibiotics and cortico-steroid drugs increase calcium needs. Calcium citrate has the best record of absorbency. Food sources: green vegetables, milk and dairy products, sea vegetables, tofu, molasses, shellfish.

Calcium Products

TWINLAB- Allergy Multi Caps 200TWINLAB- Allergy Multi Caps 200
Price: $17.70
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Cal-Quick Liquid 16 ozTWINLAB- Cal-Quick Liquid 16 oz
Price: $9.76
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Calcium 500 w/MAG & D Tabs 180TWINLAB- Calcium 500 w/MAG & D Tabs 180
Price: $8.05
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Calcium Citrate/Magnesium Caps 150TWINLAB- Calcium Citrate/Magnesium Caps 150
Price: $10.46
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Calcium Citrate/Magnesium Caps 250TWINLAB- Calcium Citrate/Magnesium Caps 250
Price: $14.92
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Calcium Citrate Wafers 60TWINLAB- Calcium Citrate Wafers 60
Price: $9.42
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Calcium Lactate Caps 100TWINLAB- Calcium Lactate Caps 100
Price: $7.35
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB-Cellmins, Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium 100TWINLAB-Cellmins, Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium 100
Price: $9.74
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Daily One without Iron Caps 180TWINLAB- Daily One without Iron Caps 180
Price: $26.37
Quantity in Basket: none

TWINLAB- Daily One without Iron Caps 60TWINLAB- Daily One without Iron Caps 60
Price: $12.56
Quantity in Basket: none